Thursday, November 3, 2011

Unix utilities- banner and cal

Utilities  are  the core tool kit of the Unix command set, including banner ,cal, who and many others.  Subcategories include:  
1. System utilities – administrative tools such as mkfs, fsck, and many others.
2.User utilities – environment management tools such as passwd, kill, and others.

banner:  The banner utility makes posters. 
                  Syntax:  banner strings
The banner utility prints its arguments , each up to 10 characters long, in large letters on the standard output.

However the banner utility works only in Unix and not in Linux.

cal:   The cal  utility prints a calendar.
          Syntax:  cal [ [month] year]
The cal utility prints a calendar for the specified year. If a month is also specified, a calendar is printed just for that month.If neither is specified, a calendar for the present month is printed.
The month is a number between 1 and 12. The year can be between 1 and 9999.The calendar produced is that for England and the United States, i.e. the Gregorian calendar.

An unusual calendar is printed for September 1752.In this month ,11 days were skipped to make  up for lack of leap year adjustments. To see this calendar type:  cal 9 1752

Also note that cal 83 refers to the year 83 and not to the year 1983.

Next we will be discussing the date utility which has a number of options.  

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